Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Mighty Damn Is Leaking

but I think it's gonna hold.

It's got to.

Part of me wants to bottle this up, selfishly and for reasons that are beyond wrong.

Rest of me wants to climb to the roof

Fire my pistols into the air



Stinging acid tears leak past the mightiest emotional dam ever constructed

DEMAND that the world hear me

My Eldest Child Loves me

She told me so...


Anonymous said...

Good job David! I can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hey David check out this quote from this mech forum:

I have 27 years experience, in all facets of aviation, and if I leave my current job, all I have to look forward to is about 17 bucks an hour at a new job. So 27 years of experience, plus 30K in tools, is worth 17 bucks an hour. It makes me sick to think about it.

I know why I got into aviation. It wasn't the money. It's in my blood and I know it. But these statistics aren't very encouraging to someone starting out. If my goal was to be single for the rest of my life I wouldn't care. But I'm at that age where I could actually see myself as a husband and father. If an opportunity comes along that is outside aviation I'm almost tempted to go for it.