Sunday, April 20, 2008

"I Hold My Ticket... Revision 1 my hand.
I hold my ticket in my hand.
I'm headed for the Promised Land."

"Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown"

"I'm lookin' for a Marks-A-Lot to polish my boots..."

I'll be a Son-of-a-Gun if Joe Ely didn't open with "1000 Miles From Home"!!!

I wandered down to the Blue Door last night and caught the late Joe Ely show.

The Blue Door is a VERY small venue. Maybe 120 people max capacity.

So the late show was maybe 70 people...

Joe and one acoustic guitar.

And he played. He played damn near all of my favorites-
"All Just To Get To You"
"The Road Goes On For Ever"

I lost track. I was so engrossed listening and watching his hands on the frets.

I sat against the wall on the end of a row that happened to be near a window.

I glanced out and what did I see?

A Full Moon....

"I glanced out the window
at the Joe Ely show

A full moon rising
Elegant and slow.

My eyes
My eyes swoll up
They did well up

I looked away
and studied the man there
up on the stage

wet eyes watching
every fret and change

I listened as he played
as he talked and
told jokes on Van Zandt
and stories of his life

Couldn't look away
I studied the man there
up on the stage

wet eyes watching
every fret and change..."

OK, Kinda Sophomoric but what do ya expect when I draft a work within a work. The Nada isn't work to me it's a form of expression.

There was a big moon coming up.


Vinho said...

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The Architect said...

Decided to check this thing out. I remember that old lunchbox. Too funny/weird. Extremely cool experience at the Blue Door. Remember that movie Mr Saturday Night? with Billy Crystal. The old guy would perform for any audience anywhere. Just to get up and perform. Those are the choice moments when you can get within inches of a legend for an extended period, even chat it up a bit during the break. Rock On.

Rodolfo said...

Just curious. Can you make a post about what tools you take with you on the road?