Monday, April 7, 2008

All over again

I had a weird little recollection today.

It can't be called Deja Vu because I mostly remember it.


Today I noticed a neat little clothes pin magnet deal on one of the guys tool boxes. A memo clip I guess.

Now, you have to know that the oddest little thing can remind me of the oddest little thing.

It seems that at some point in my childhood I used a clothes pin in some sort of Boobie Trap.

But, the Boobie Trap that came to mind had nothing to do with a clothes pin (or a magnet for that matter). It wouldn't have worked.

It wasn't that complicated a device.

I remembered rigging an old wind up alarm clock, the kind with the little arch on top and two bells and a hammer. (I can't recall the name of the part of a bell that does the dinging.)

My Grandad, the Sargent Major had an old industrial strength lunch box.

Grandmother fixed him a lunch every morning.

I discovered that the alarm clock had a pretty large tolerance. Meaning, if the hour of the day was within, oh half an hour of the time it was set to go off... well my scheme would work.

See, if the pin was pushed in but the alarm was set for 5 a.m. and you pulled the pin at 5:15 the alarm would go off.


So here's my Grandmother trying to raise four grandsons. She was in her mid fifties. Back then, whoa! Back in those days Fifty Something WAS Ancient. She gets up in the morning to fix lunch for the SGT Major, like she did every morning.

She notices the box is a little heavy.

She opens it and...


Who was I kidding? She'd seen it all before. Already raised three boys.

I got might have gotten a grin out of her for my effort.

Still haven't figure out where the clothes pin fits in but it might explain why I couldn't get away with ANYTHING for the next six years!!!


Bob Barbanes said...

Heh, funny how our minds work, isn't it? How one thing can remind us of another that is not directly related? Love the alarm clock gag! Hoo-man, I can just imagine the look on your grandmother's face. "WHAAAAA! [sigh] That David...I'm gonna beat his little..."

Which reminds me...

Not long ago I was out and about and needed some cash. So I stopped at a bank. This one was situated so that the car was parked facing the ATM and about five feet away. While I was absorbed in the transaction (trying to remember my PIN) my "friends" who'd stayed in the car thought it would be hilarious to see what would happen if they blew the horn. They said my feet actually came clean off the ground. And being a naturally jumpy helicopter pilot, I believe them. Childish? Yes. Funny? Yes (to them).

Ah, boys and their little jokes...

Hal Johnson said...

It'hard to outgrow the desire to pull practical jokes, at least for me. My son's godfather had to take a leak coming back from town one night, so we let him step to the side of the road in the dark. Then, as another car approached, we backed up and illuminated him with our brights while honking the horn.

I was so ashamed.

David said...

Where to begin?!

Thanks for chiming in.

With any luck we will never out grow it!!!

I keep hearing about one here at work.

Seems there was a QA inspector with a sleeping disorder.

He would lean on anything close and fall asleep. Apparently he even fell asleep against a crew stand one day and proceeded to fall in the floor. They say he knocked himself out.

Well, this is where you two come in, we use this bunch of "Renegade" test pilots.

One of 'em heard about 'Sleepy's' tendancies.

'Sleepy' goes along on a test flight and... falls asleep.

Pilot Boy says, "Hold my coffee and watch this!"

He noses the 1900 over. HARD and drops the masks in the cabin.

'Sleepy' wakes up near zero G's with an O2 mask dangling in front of him.

Panic ensued.

I'm so sorry I missed that one!!!

BTW... I'm trying to get a job with those "Renegades"!!!