Monday, September 10, 2007

The Nada is proud to present...

"Brightledge" and "Archimedia"

Both the home (pictured) and the architecture practice are products of one of my 'Little' Brothers.

In this case, Andy.

Andy has built a practice over many years, paying dues from Cameron College to The University of Oklahoma and all over South Texas.

His portfolio has even more facets than the home he and "T" built.

From the church house to the jail house to schools to medical clinics.

His efforts have been published in architecture and trade magazines as well as local newspapers.

From my unique position, I have watched since he was eight years old constantly thinking, reading, studying and exploring.

Always alert to better, more sustainable practices.

Andy looks not only towards future methods and technology but to history in the pursuit of what works best in a given application AND in a changing world.

He is an astute business man, a helluva artist and an all round great guy.
I'm adding a link here to the ARCHIMEDIA website.
Have a look!

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