Monday, July 9, 2007

Why is it...

I can put a ball bearing on the front seat of the truck and drive for miles.

I can drive for miles and miles and miles and that bearing will not bounce.

That ball bearing will not quiver.

It will not tilt one single degree.


If I drive 20 some odd miles into town and order a $10.00 sam'ich,
"To go please."


I pick up the ball bearing and put my piping hot sam'ich in the SAME spot on the front seat of the truck...

THE VERY first left turn I make that damn sam'ich will dive for the passenger side door like a hooker with my cash?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

METAPHOR. Look it up...


It has begun. I was bound to happen and today it did.

"Right now in San Antonio it FEELS like 98 degrees."

It was obvious, probably why I saw it coming. When all of this rain stops we are gonna get FRIED!

It will be morbid fun to watch the aquifer go back the other way. It is up to near record levels I guess.

The aquifer is our equivalent of your local Lake Hefner reservoir. It's our primary source of water.


What else....?

WHY is it these semi-pro local TV network news org's cannot get a single aviation story straight?!?!?!

The lack of follow up on accidents, while I loathe it, I can sort of understand it.

Two things chapped me this week.

Today Boeing announced that 787 Dreamliners will be coming to San Antonio for modifications. They will come right off of the assembly line and be worked here. GOOD DEAL!

But, the newsreader touted the composite skin of the Dreamliner as, "Rust free."

RUST Free!!??

OK, OK. You say tomato and I say CORROSION!!!

The other thing was a story about a poor S.O.B. that got sucked out the window of a (?) Piper twin turboprop. I (?) because I'm drawing a blank on any such animal... I bet I could Google it! Stand-by...

Hmmm... Even on the Piper Aircraft Inc website, I don't see a twin turboprop. Maybe someone took the 'Nava-jet' term to heart and got an STC. The thought makes my blood run cold.

Thing is, the local tabloid that ran the story kept showing King Airs!!! Stills and Video!

Facts, Schmacts. Who cares, we gotta dude that got sucked out the window of an aircraft.

Oh, the guy? He's OK. He managed to hang in there! (LOL! Sorry. I needed a brevity break.)

That's about enough for now. Small vent. It should keep the lid on for a little while longer.

I have something to write!!! I saw the most unexpected business card in the most unexpected place today... I'd better run with it.

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Bob Barbanes said...

Well, you know...they really don't care- the media, I mean. And anyway, I'll bet that the majority of Amurrikens would probably understand "rust" more quickly than "corrosion." Sure is a pretty plane, that 787. If looks count for anything...

Piper did make a turboprop (Cheyenne) of course. And you know, to a non-aviator the piston-engine Navajo probably looks "close enough" to a turboprop...

And I don't know why that is either about food on the seat, but I sure am living proof of what you said. What you said!