Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't we all just get along?!

Religion, politics, global warming...

I choose door number three!!!

I've been quietly lurking around some blogs and the comments associated with them. Religion and spirituality being the topic du jour. As you can imagine, it can be a little rancorous.

So seriously, I choose door number three.

Proviso Inserted Here:

I do not care to and will not get into a screaming match about the assignation of, "Fault!"

So, you have three choices here. (And the first two don't count.)
1) Natural
2) Man Made
3) What do we do about it

Dino Juice ain't gonna last forever. That impact alone will be devastating.

Here's a thought for Bob n Hal n I... Will aviation professionals be the first or last to suffer when the stuff (oil) gets rare? Both. Most of us will be among the first to go but a few well connected folks will hang in there to the last drop. (At reduced pay scales of course. With thousands qualified and out of work we will truly be a dime a dozen.)

Here's a thought I had while reading a newspaper article...

The story was about a local company that makes airplane parts. They are doing very well. They have spread their focus around such that when one sector slips another is doing well. Good for them. Well, one sector that is doing well is due TO the high price of oil.



Sheiks are buying and or modifying more of the ultimate gas guzzlers due to their good fortune of late.

ANYBODY getting the irony here?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don't intend to make this an apocalyptic discussion but a lyric just did a low pass over my head.

The Clash (I hope I don't mis-attribute the line cause that is one thing I WILL hear about) '... the King called out his jet fighters...' What happens when the King is the only one with GAS for his jet fighters?

Battery is getting low. Rain isn't letting up. I hope traffic has let up. I'm heading out.

Do expect more on this topic.

That's your SOGGY lotta nada for now.

I wonder what soylent green tastes like... Chicken I bet!!! LOL!!! I couldn't resist.

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