Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hey President Obama

Ya know what. I agree with you on one point.

It is not only "shameful" it's disgusting that the leaders of failed businesses come hat in hand for a bail out, from me.

Their business models are failures. Their managers inept. Their forward thinking went no farther than today.

Those same leaders and managers setting their own raises and bonuses and handwoven golden parachutes!

"Shameful" a much milder term than I would use. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that you called, "Bullshit!" just as I do.

Ya know, it kinda reminds me of the crew you just signed on to lead.

When was the last vote of the public to give a raise to the House or Senate? Been a while?

How long ago was there a session with 100% attendance and voting? Been a while?

Those people are Public Servants not Demi-Gods. Someone should remind them of that. Like, maybe their Leader. O' that would be you.

Realistically I know that you do not hold the power to implement my suggestions but you can get the ball rolling. Or, at least help.

Cut salaries.

Eliminate self regulated raises.

Require attendance. Or at least hold them accountable for their absences. (Junkets to Shangri La or Fact finding in the Alps don't count.)

Put them on a random drug and alcohol testing program.

Implement a 5 year ban on Servants becoming Lobbyists and vice versa.

Eliminate all one on one financial interaction between Servants and Lobbyists. Lunch? Dutch. Etc.

I could (and will) go on. The "Let's Bail Out Failed Businesses and Print More Money Package"? What are you thinking?!

I did not vote for you but you are my President. I do wish the best for you and yours (which now includes me and mine.) Start from the top down and let's get this thing back on track.


Bob Barbanes said...

It's funny, David. Some of those who did not vote for Obama are now criticizing him for lack of instantaneous results. As if changing how Washington D.C. works is going to happen overnight. Or as if Obama can wave a magic wand and make everything right.

Of course he cannot.

Did people think he was going to march into the Capitol and turn the town upside down? If he upsets too many apple carts, he'll be "dealt with" the same way JFK was.

I'll give him time. After all, I *did* vote for him. But I fear that he will be a one-term president because the mess we've gotten ourselves into is going to take longer than four years to fix. A *lot* longer, perhaps. And if Obama cannot show positive results soon, We The Peoples, with our fast-good mentality are going to become disillusioned.

I agree with nearly everything you wrote. Obama's real power will come by having high moral standards and not wavering: Lead by example. If he can do any of the things you suggest, and/or *half* of the things he promised during the campaign, I'll vote for him again.

But it's not a lock.

DAVID said...

I don't expect ore even WANT immediate results. Immediate results are often akin to a band-aid on an amputation.

In my opinion, throwing a Gazillion Bucks at failing businesses is one of those band-aids.

You are right on the numbers about Obama getting screwed over in the end.

There will be a whole other fast food fad by the next election.
"We" will have forgotten how long it took to get into this mess and blame the largest target.

He is the President of these United States and I'll support him. But, just as I do with my friends- I tell them when they do well and I'll throw the Bull* Flag when they don't. Or, take the keys and look for the most sober one to drive.

After all presidential politics is much the same- We don't get the best candidates so we vote for the one that appears the most sober to us.

Greybeard said...

Wait, the rules have changed and no one informed me? Typical!
I thought the President was supposed to make things perfect, even when local/State idiots were screwing things up royally!
Someone get me the memo! ;>)

russell said...

Very elegant comments, I agree and hope the President reads your blogg, I also don't think it will be done overnite as Mr Barnes points out. Progress in correct direction will be a hard and long fought battle, remember the rulers have seldom liked to give up power for the peasents. It is our charge to try to elect people whom we feel will make the changes for the better. I also didn't vote for Mr Obama but he has my support because he is our President now and that is the way the Rule of Law functions. Mr. President if you read this blog please see comments made and try your best.