Monday, December 24, 2007


"Bless you!"

Todays' Tri-ku...

'To one whacky family
came a "New" recruit
Just to say I'm glad it's you'
'Bright lights beacons in the night
Hearth hearts full and warm
From nowhere back safe at home'
'Two to dynamic duo
Tremendous trio
Keep the fourth from the frio'

They may not make sense to you but I hope they get the points of the Christmas cards across.

1 comment:

Bob Barbanes said...

Christmas season got you down, David? You seem that way. I get the impression...although I could be wrong...that you're looking backward too much lately. Do what Hal accuses me of: Live in the present! It's a much better place than the past or future. You know, and I know you do, life is pretty good if you let it be.

What's that expression..."Joke 'em if they can't take a..." umm, I forget the ending to it. but you get the idea.

And no more waxing poetic at fog-shrouded moons, okay?